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Divorce - Child Custody - Child Support - Adoption


Our Dallas Divorce Attorneys appreciate and understand the difficulties and emotional strain involved in a divorce.  We strive to know our clients' needs and interests and to serve them accordingly.  With a wealth of experience in various family law matters, our Dallas Divorce Lawyers are prepared to assist you to protect your rights and to meet the particular demands of your divorce.


The process of a divorce can often be confusing and bewildering for the person going through it.  The Dallas Family Law Attorneys of the Wilson Legal Group use their experience to guide our clients through the process as smoothly as possible.  Tailoring their services to the needs of each client and case, our attorneys assist clients by preparing effective petitions for divorce, obtaining service of process, issuing and responding to discovery requests, and litigating through trials.  With their years of experience, our Dallas Divorce Lawyers have the skills and knowledge to assist our clients with any issue that may arise in a divorce.

Restraining Orders

In the emotionally charged circumstances surrounding a divorce, it is sometimes necessary for one to seek protection for one's self and/or one's rights from one's spouse.  At the Wilson Legal Group, our staff is trained to guide our clients through these difficult and sensitive situations and to get them the protection that they need.  Our attorneys have obtained temporary restraining orders to protect our clients in a variety of different circumstances from many different kinds of threats.  Our Dallas Divorce Attorneys take the protection of our clients very seriously and fight vigorously to ensure that our clients do not have to be in fear as they go through their divorce.

Alternative Dispute Resolution

Our Dallas Family Law Attorneys understand that a trial is not always the best way to resolve a marital dispute.  Often the process of going to trial can be quite stressful and lead to additional costs for a divorce.  For this reason, our Dallas Family Law Lawyers are specially prepared to assist our clients through a variety of alternative dispute resolution options.  Through negotiations and mediation processes, our attorneys have obtained numerous favorable settlements for our divorce clients.  Additionally, our attorneys have guided many clients through the process of an uncontested divorce.

Pre-Nuptial and Post-Nuptial Agreements

At the Wilson Legal Group, our Dallas Divorce Lawyers further assist our clients by helping them to avoid many of the potential difficulties in a divorce before they even arise through the crafting of strong and effective pre-nuptial and post-nuptial agreements.  Because much of the dispute that may occur in a divorce can center on the division of the couple's property, pre-nuptial and post-nuptial agreements can help reduce the difficulties in a divorce by resolving much of the division of property prior to the divorce occurring.  However, pre-nuptial and post-nuptial agreements have specific requirements and must contain particular language in order to be binding and enforceable.  Our experienced Divorce Attorneys have the knowledge and expertise necessary to create strong, comprehensive agreements that will protect your rights and assets.

divorce lawyer dallas divorce attorney dallas divorce lawsuit dallas divorce litigation dallas alimony dallas restraining order dallas