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Divorce - Child Custody - Child Support - Adoption

Our Dallas Divorce Attorneys understand the complexities, difficulties, and special circumstances present in each divorce matter.  The divorce attorneys of the Wilson Legal Group appreciate that each divorce is unique and strive to provide each client the individual attention and counsel his or her case demands.  Each of our Dallas Divorce Attorneys has extensive experience with a variety of divorce matters and related issues, which they employ to give our clients the guidance needed to protect their spousal rights.

Our Dallas Divorce Lawyers counsel our clients on how best to defend and maintain their rights and property in the midst of a divorce.  From advising clients on how to defend their individual property to the proper division of community property in the marriage to obtaining spousal support, our attorneys are uniquely equipped to provide our clients with the insight and guidance they need through the divorce process.  Our Dallas Family Law Attorneys understand that there are a variety of ways to assist our clients in the midst of a divorce.  We are equally prepared and able to take a contested divorce through trial, to resolve a divorce dispute through mediation or alternative dispute resolution, or to guide our clients through the process of obtaining an uncontested divorce.  Whatever the individual needs of your divorce situation, our Dallas Family Law Lawyers can aid you in obtaining the most favorable outcome possible.

Our Dallas Divorce Attorneys also assist our clients by advising them on how to obtain temporary restraining orders to protect them and their property when necessary during a divorce.  We further aid our clients by helping them to avoid the difficulties and complexities involved in most divorces through the crafting and preparation of intelligent and effective pre-nuptial and post-nuptial agreements.  Our attorneys' extensive experience in numerous divorce matters enables them to be aware of many of the unforeseen difficulties that may arise in a divorce and to craft agreements that protect against and prevent such difficulties from ever arising.  For all our divorce clients, our Dallas Divorce Lawyers work diligently to provide them the personally tailored attention and counsel that their divorce needs.

Our Attorneys are experienced in and provide assistance with:

  • Preparing, filing, and prosecuting petitions for divorce;
  • Preparing, filing, and prosecuting requests for temporary restraining orders;
  • Preparing, filing, and prosecuting requests for spousal support;
  • Representation in contested divorce disputes and lawsuits;
  • Representing and assisting divorce clients in alternative dispute resolution and mediation;
  • Preparing, filing, and finalizing uncontested divorce proceedings;
  • Preparing and prosecuting pre-nuptial agreements;
  • Preparing and prosecuting post-nuptial agreements.

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divorce lawyer dallas divorce attorney dallas divorce lawsuit dallas divorce litigation dallas alimony dallas restraining order dallas